Food Safety Policy

“Give me silence, water, hope

 Give me struggle, iron, volcanoes.”

Pablo Neruda

Promineral SA’s main activity is the water sourcing and bottling of mineral still and sparkling waters of the Furnas volcanic region, in the Azores archipelago, Portugal.

Promineral SA decided to integrate in its management system the principles described in this document, which establish the general layout for its Food Safety Policy.

By these guidelines, Promineral SA is committed to develop all the actions, as well as make available all necessary means for the common understanding, implementation and maintenance of its Food Safety Policy across all levels of its organization.

The Food Safety Policy of Promineral SA has defined the following general guidelines:

  • To respond to citizens needs by creating and supplying products matching its expectations, and establishing and maintaining with them  a relation of trust and loyalty.
  • To make available to the market products guaranteeing the health and safety of citizens, while engaging employees with adequate competencies to ensure such compliance.
  • To identify and anticipate any eventual risks for public health that its products may come to cause, through the adoption of prevention mechanisms guaranteeing such preventive safety (such as the HACCP methodology).
  • To promote the permanent optimization of its management system, through the implementation and adoption of all necessary measures and objectives to comply with all the requisites applicable to the legal regulations and laws in force.

The broad objective is to satisfy, timely and safely, the demand of its clients, abiding to its highest expectations and needs, with support of its management system and quality control. This service comprises the safety and hygiene of the packaging, products packaged and compliance with the specific needs of clients explicitly or tacitly contractually established with Promineral SA.  The end goal being to guarantee to clients the highest respect, regularity and awareness that a good quality product and a good level of service can provide.

It is also a goal to promote a working culture of open dialogue and mutual respect, where all and each member are responsible for their tasks better day by day, within its specific sphere of action. Overall, this requires the maintenance of open records with respect to all main processes and activities inherent to the control required by the Food Safety Policy. It also requires an open-minded spirit, open to process optimizations and improvements based on personnel professional experience, and aiming at the best possible daily operation of Promineral SA.

Promineral SA Board, July 2020.