Azorean Volcanic Sparkling Waters, Furnas, S. Miguel Island

Water is essential to all life forms and is quickly becoming a rare resource. Natural mineral water sources are even scarcer and volcanic mineral water sources the scarcest of them all.

The Azores Archipelago is located 1500 Km to the West of the Portuguese capital and 3900 Km East of North America. The Archipelago has been claimed to the Portuguese crown by Diogo de Silves, around the year of 1427. This Portuguese navigator was sent by prince Henrique of Portugal (Henry, The Navigator). Settlement of the island of S. Miguel began in 1444, on the day of the patron saint of Portugal, Archangel Michael. This island, composed of 6 volcanic complexes, holds many natural treasures, among which a uniquely purified water natural reservoir deep inside the Furnas dormant volcano. An immense volume of naturally still and sparkling waters are kept safe from all planetary sources of pollution inside this natural vault.

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